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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dang Van Au, a.k.a. Bang Phong, currently residing in Orange County, California. Previously a pilot in the former Republic of Vietnam Air Force. I had fought along with my fellow American soldiers to resist the North Vietnamese invasion until the fall of our country in April, 1975.
In June 2020 I was chosen by my fellow people to head the Vietnamese-Americans for the re-election of Donald J. Trump Movement. Despite my advanced age, I accepted the honor because I did not want to fail my people.
Today I am writing this letter from the bottom of my heart to especially address you, my dear young fellow Vietnamese-Americans. I often heard my senior readers, victims of Communism, state that they had worked so hard to send their children to prestigious schools in hopes that the latter would employ their education to serve a post-Communist Vietnam. You can imagine how much they are disappointed when they hear that their children will vote for former Vice-President Joe Biden in November.
I understand the pain felt by those parents, who were victims of the Communist regime; I understand as well why you intend to vote for Mr. Biden and the Democrats.
Am I right to say that your want to vote for Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party because at school you were taught about racism and social injustice? If so, I would like to invite you to think a bit about these leftist politicians’ rosy promises. Then I ask that you listen to this old former soldier who wants to share something with you. Ultimately, you can make your own decision.
Leftists who favor socialism talk about a paradise they promise but can’t prove its existence. In spite of my insistence that Communism is evil. you wouldn’t believe me. You think that we hate the Communists because we were defeated by them. No, I will not talk about our hatred of them.
I only ask you to sincerely answer the following questions so you can avoid for yourselves the possibility of seeing the world being turned into “animal farm,” where freedom of thinking and freedom of speech will be abolished. Specifically, do you want to accept a political party which upholds the following policies:
1. Opening wide all border gates for all illegal immigrants–among them robbers, human traffickers, drug dealers – every kind of wicked exploiters – to invade the USA.
2. Cruel high taxation providing free food, housing, and healthcare to every invader?
3. Allowing illegal immigrants to vote like legal citizens? It’s suicide.
4. Defunding the Police so good citizens will no longer be protected?
5. Releasing thousands of convicted criminals to be laughingly free to do their evils again;
6. No intervening when lawless rioters disguising as “revolutionaries” loot businesses;
7. No intervening when rioters demolish monuments, historical memorials, statues of the Founding Fathers. Their goals are even worse than the Communists who took over in Vietnam.
In addition, would you accept the following ridiculous acts committed by leaders of the Democratic Party in the wake of the George Floyd event?
1. Getting down to one knee to pray for Mr. Floyd, a convicted criminal, but showing no compassion for Police Capt. David Dorn who was gunned down by rioters in his heroic protection a business store. Do these leaders deserve to lead such a nation with a first-rate civilization in the world as America?
2. It was Mr. Biden when he was a US senator who cut aid to South Vietnam, thus accelerating its death on April 30, 1975. It was also Mr. Biden who voted against the admission of South Vietnamese refugees (and your family) into the US. Recently Mr. Biden stated that he would negotiate with Communist China because he does not think China is the enemy of the US!
3. US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (usually known as AOC) recently stated that in order to defeat Donald Trump the Democratic Party should attack his economic policy.
All the facts mentioned above are self-evident. You might have seen them in the newspaper, or on TV. Are they clear to you now? The coming election will decide America’s fate.
Covid-19 originated from Wuhan, China. Scientist Li-meng Yang, who recently fled Hong Kong and arrived in the US, told the FBI that the virus was Communist China’s plan to harm Europe and the US. Knowing this too well, the Democratic Party still relentlessly blames President Trump for the problem. What side do you think the Democratic Party is taking in its competition for national leadership? Communist China or the US?
My dear young friends,
The root cause of South Vietnam’s fall to the Communists was our intellectuals of previous generations didn’t live up to the Vietnamese people’s expectations. Embracing a laissez-faire attitude, they refused to follow a worthy social and national ideal. Instead of raising their voice for justice and truth, promoting reason and teaching the people the importance of reason, they stayed out of the nation’s affairs, letting politicians do things as they pleased. Their ideal, if any, was wrongly conceived. For example, they put blind faith in the proletariat dictatorship, without considering the consequences of such a regime. Likewise, modern day educated Americans tend to adopt a non-committal stance toward politics or ally with Leftists and pro-Democratic Party mass media. Their ultimate goal is to defeat Donald Trump at all costs and by all means. They carry out an all-out attack on him with fake news, lies, negative propaganda, deliberately ignoring his many accomplishments. This is dirty politics, and is extremely unfair to the President. You are presently being force-fed to vote through the Postal Service. Believe me, it is a maneuver that will destroy the Federal Election system.
It is my responsibility as a US citizen who loves both America and his native country to speak out and defend President Trump at this critical juncture. Should this American civilization be destroyed, no country in this world can withstand Communist China’s terrible repressions. I am saying this not to threaten you. At my age, whatever happens to the US is out of the question as far as I am concerned. I am just trying to warn my fellow Vietnamese-Americans of the sabotage of their offspring. If you are still in doubt about what I am saying, just look at Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen as a notable example. She is Chinese by birth, but nevertheless she appeals to her Taiwanese people to resist Communist China rather than succumbing to its domination.
It has been always my wish that you, my dear friends, who were trained in the world’s top schools and who deeply love your ancestral land, are able to distinguish right from wrong. Someday after I am gone, I will not feel bad when meeting my ancestors because I have fulfilled my duty toward my native country. Please don’t let the Democrat Party make this formerly great country become another Vietnam … or even much worse. Don’t think it can’t happen! Support Trump in his brave & wonderful efforts to save America. This coming national election can easily be the last. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.”
Thank you forever for listening to my heartfelt pleadings.

Bang Phong Dang Van Au
Email Address:
Telephone: 714 – 276 – 5600

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